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先日モニター販売分が完売致しました和紙ファブリック「SUUQ」の素材開発は、高知県立紙産業技術センター他関連機関と高知県内企業からなる開発 グループの協力により進行しております。



The development of the new material of washi fabric, “SUUQ,” is supported by Kochi Prefectural Paper Technology Center, other related organizations, and also the development group, which consists of many companies from Kochi pref.

We’ve been testing and conducting a lot of experimental trials to have the charm of the texture of washi paper stand out and make the material a better fit for the products.

Deterioration, such as the color change, has been tested at the center. Kochi Prefectural Paper Technology

Center is an organization where they develop and study the processing of a paper-related material, and also study how to preserve and protect paper.

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